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It all started with Elizabeth and Taylor, gifts presented to Claudia from her husband Keith. Two black Angus beef cattle, named after the famed star, started a movement of creating a Farm to Table experience at Ross Ranch. With a curated organic garden resplendent with herbs & vegetables, the ranch’s Master Gardener plants seasonal items to provide a plentiful abundance of items for the table. Enter, The Dixie Chicks, a variety of Plymouth Rock, Andalusian, Brahma and Cochin chickens, which provide an abundant supply of daily fresh eggs. The estate olive trees surrounding the centerpiece ancient oak called The Campbell are sourced to create an exclusive estate virgin olive oil.


Ross Ranch also provides beef, pork and lamb harvested from our property for guests to enjoy and purchase. All ethically sourced and nourished, RR prides itself in providing the healthiest of dining options for our guests.


Keith and Claudia welcome their guests to explore the ranch and learn more about the animals, cooking farm to table and viticulture. Their hope is for their guests to find as much love and happiness as they have, while enjoying the elegant ambiance, food and wine.



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